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I’m in a Taylor Swift editing mood tonight…

Holy Ground - Taylor Swift

  • Kidd Kaddrick: One of my best friends is Joe Jonas and we're on our way to a TV Studio. We're just shooting a breeze, and I'm like so have you talked to Camilla, blah blah, and he's like "Well, nice day." Hes like changing the subject and everything, and then I mention you and he goes "she's awesome". So, I'm just giving you a heads up.
  • Taylor: Well, that's nice!
  • Kaddrick: Yeah, so he wouldnt talk about any girl, and then I bring you up and he's like "she's awesome". So, I just thought I'd throw that in there. Let you know. Joe's all good.
  • Taylor: Aw.
  • Other DJ: Do you think Joe's awesome?
  • Kidd: What should I tell Joe in return?
  • Taylor: It's a nice day.


Taylor has officially outdone herself. props. damn nelly looks hot. so does T.I.


Didn’t They Taylor sings to God in this heartfelt, emotional tribute to the victims of the Sept 11 terrorist attacks.  An unforgettable masterpiece told from different perspectives on that day which will give you chills and leave you in tears the first few times that you listen to it.  Perhaps the best lyrics she has ever written.

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