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Joe & Blanda

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The fact that Joe knows the hate he gets from “fans” makes me tear up. He deserves way better. Those “fans” don’t deserve to be called Jonas fans. If you can’t support them separately you don’t deserve to support them together. You don’t get the privilege to be called a fan, especially when you send hate to that particular Jonas. You are a bully, and that’s not acceptable anywhere, either online anonymously or not, its just not acceptable. It’s not acceptable in any situation. Grow up. Because all you are doing is nothing productive. Tearing someone down is just a waste of your own time. Doesn’t make you a bigger person, it makes you look stupid.

GBITW= Greatest Brothers In The World

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time flies..



“What’s your least favorite word?”

Joe: My least favorite word? I don’t like the word… moist.

“What turns you on?”

Joe: What turns me on? … wow… chocolate…